Opinion | Will Trump Force Principled Conservatives to Start Their Own Party? I Hope So – The New York Times

Opinion Columnist

Credit…Samuel Corum for The New York Times

“As the Trump presidency heads into the sunset, kicking and screaming, one of the most important questions that will shape American politics at the local, state and national levels is this: Can Donald Trump maintain his iron grip over the Republican Party when he is out of office?

This is what we know for sure: He damn well intends to try and is amassing a pile of cash to do so. And here is what I predict: If Trump keeps delegitimizing Joe Biden’s presidency and demanding loyalty for his extreme behavior, the G.O.P. could fully fracture — splitting between principled Republicans and unprincipled Republicans. Trump then might have done America the greatest favor possible: stimulating the birth of a new principled conservative party.

Santa, if you’re listening, that’s what I want for Christmas!

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But here’s why it’s not entirely fanciful: If Trump refuses to ever acknowledge Biden’s victory and keeps roasting those Republicans who do — and who “collaborate” with the new administration — something is going to crack.

There will be increasing pressure on the principled Republicans — people like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and the judges, election officials and state legislators who put country before party and refused to buckle under Trump’s demands — to break away and start their own conservative party.”

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT  NYT Comment:

The Lincoln Project folks have admitted to wanting to address this question after Biden takes office. The advantage to creating a new party, if it becomes necessary, is that it will help cleanse the congress of Trump supporters, by splitting the Republican vote. What should the more centrist Republicans call their new party is a challenge. I propose, for the sake of brainstorming, that they call is the Center Right Grand Old Party, or CRGOP, which could be referred to as Sir GOP. There is also, New Republicans, Center Right Republican’s, or something like Lincoln Republicans. If they are successful in marginalizing the Republican trumpsters, they could eventually take back the name that history required them to abandon, for the sake of cleaning house of white supremacists, no nothings, planet polluters, and conspiracy theorists.

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