Electric Cars Are Coming. How Long Until They Rule the Road? – The New York Times

“Around the world, governments and automakers are focused on selling newer, cleaner electric vehicles as a key solution to climate change. Yet it could take years, if not decades, before the technology has a drastic effect on greenhouse gas emissions.

One reason for that? It will take a long time for all the existing gasoline-powered vehicles on the road to reach the end of their life spans.

This “fleet turnover” can be slow, analysts said, because conventional gasoline-powered cars and trucks are becoming more reliable, breaking down less often and lasting longer on the road. The average light-duty vehicle operating in the United States today is 12 years old, according to IHS Markit, an economic forecasting firm. That’s up from 9.6 years old in 2002.”

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT comment:
Great piece of writing. Thank you. Yes, and, there is a story to review on how the Japanese upgrades their auto fleet in the 1950’s and 60’s. They wanted to develop their auto manufacturing, and so they passed laws of some kind that made it almost impossible for an older car to pass inspection, forcing the entire population of car drivers to get new cars, which because of tariffs or restrictions, had to be Japanese. They forced their people to buy new cars if I recall correctly.

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