Inside the Lincoln Project’s Secrets, Side Deals and Scandals – The New York Times

“. . .   The behind-the-scenes moves by the four original founders showed that whatever their political goals, they were also privately taking steps to make money from the earliest stages, and wanted to limit the number of people who would share in the spoils. Over time, the Lincoln Project directed about $27 million — nearly a third of its total fund-raising — to Mr. Galen’s consulting firm, from which the four men were paid, according to people familiar with the arrangement.

Conceived as a full-time attack machine against Mr. Trump, the Lincoln Project’s public profile soared last year as its founders built a reputation as a creative yet ruthless band of veteran operators. They recruited like-minded colleagues, and their scathing videos brought adulation from the left and an aura of mischievous idealism for what they claimed was their mission: nothing less than to save democracy.

They also hit upon a geyser of cash, discovering that biting attacks on a uniquely polarizing president could be as profitable in the loosely regulated world of political fund-raising as Mr. Trump’s populist bravado was for his own campaign.”   . . . “

I supported the Lincoln Project by reposting their attack ads against Trump on my my blog and facebook page. I decided not to send them any money, since they were an opaque organization with no public financials. Also, there were some red flags. I searched for their library of attack ads, and only found three or four, and two of them were buried inside fundraising infomercials. Also,one of the ads was so ugly, that it made me suspect the quality of the writing. Three of the four founders, who all made of like banits financially, were decried by a spokesperson for the McCain family, who said that she wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire. I’m gratefull that they these people helped defeat Donald Trump, but I’m equally pleased that I never gave them even a small donation. We know that a third of the $81 million they raised was scimmed off by the four founders. It appears that they each paid themselves about $7 million. My guess is that another third went into overhead, and only a third or less actually was spent trying to bring down Trump with fees to place videos and advertisements, etc.

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