bret and gail | There’s a Line on George Santos’s Résumé That No One Can Cross Out – The New York Times

“Switching to Republican embarrassments, Gail, we never got around to talking about George Santos, Republican of Long Island. I’m not sure there’s anything new to say about the sad, surreal, scuzzy, scamming, shameless, soulless man that he is. But boy, what a comment on today’s Republican Party.Gail: Well, Bret, a lying, weird Republican who seems to have made up almost everything in his biography including his prowess at volleyball would have been your problem in a different era. But you’ve spent so much of your time crusading against the deficiencies in your old party, you’re the last one I could blame.Bret: The G.O.P. should be renamed B.T.P., for Bermuda Triangle Party. Enter it, weird stuff happens, and you go straight to the bottom.”

OK column, not great.  I did make a comment:

David Lindsay Jr.

NYT Comment:

@Julian Fernandez Nice comment. You are right that gas is no longer better than electric to cook. I think there was one error when you wrote: “If we ever want to reverse or even slow GCC we must accept that minor facets of our lives will change.” Green Carbon Crap? I think you meant Greenhouse Gas Emissions or GGE, or something about pure pollution. GCC has a different meaning. “One of the earliest such coalitions was the Global Climate Coalition (GCC), formed by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in 1989 (Franz 1998). Subsequently, a number of political coalitions were formed with the same mission (Brulle 2021). Many of these coalitions continue to obstruct climate action. a historical analysis of the Global Climate Coalition”

Yours, David Lindsay


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