Opinion | Early Abortion Looks Nothing Like What You’ve Been Told – The New York Times

Erika Bliss, Joan Fleischman and 

Drs. Bliss, Fleishman and Gomez are co-founders of the My Abortion Network and primary care doctors who provide abortions as part of their primary care practices.


“Jewel is a student in her early 20s who lives in Texas. When her doctor confirmed she was pregnant, Jewel felt panicked. She knew it wasn’t the right time for her to have a child, and that abortion was illegal in her state.

Fortunately, Jewel had resources. After doing her research, she packed a bag and flew to New York City, where her sister lives. From there, the two women came to see one of us — Joan Fleischman, a family medicine doctor who has been providing abortions in her small practice in New York City for over 20 years.

Jewel, who asked to be identified by her middle name, told Dr. Fleischman about her experience in Texas. Medical staff members “were trying to push a happy pregnancy, while I was miserable and crying,” she said. Jewel sensed her doctor was afraid to even talk about other options because the doctor feared losing her license.

Dr. Fleischman performed an ultrasound, which dated the pregnancy between five and six weeks. She discussed Jewel’s options and, after confirming that Jewel wanted to end the pregnancy, completed a manual uterine aspiration procedure. This method uses a hand-held device and takes a few minutes to complete in a regular exam room.”

Great article, great comments. Such as:

Edward Blau
WisconsinJan. 22

This excellent article offers facts and truth, unlike the screamers marching with what they claim are aborted fetuses. As a retired physician I can remember the days before Roe when women with status were able to have a safe D&C for “menstrual irregularity” while poor women suffered from septic abortions. Either women are equal citizens who have the same rights to body autonomy as men or they are not equal. it is that simple.

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B.Kind commented January 22


Thank you so much for sharing these images. As someone who had difficulty maintaining pregnancies to term, I have been tortured by unspeakable guilt over the pregnancies I lost and the imagined babies I had failed. Seeing the reality has lifted the weight of sorrow and pain I have carried for many, many years.

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