Tina Turner: A Life in Photos – The New York Times

“It is hard to think of a boundary Tina Turner didn’t break.

She annihilated the dichotomy between R&B and rock ’n’ roll. She showed it was possible not only to tell the story of being a wife who endured spousal abuse, but to transcend victimhood and make it into art.

But with that hair (usually wigs, but who cares?), those legs, that growl, and an endless supply of beaded dresses, Ms. Turner, who died on Wednesday at 83, also was a potent style icon and enduring sex symbol — one whose prime did not even really begin until 1984, when, at 44, she released the album “Private Dancer,” and it sold five million copies.

Many of her stage costumes were designed by Bob Mackie, the man who is best known as Cher’s partner in kitsch but with Ms. Turner accomplished something wholly different.

Mr. Mackie and Ms. Turner were introduced by Cher. In 1977, shortly before Tina and Ike Turner’s divorce was finalized, the two divas performed together — in identical, flaming gold dresses by Mr. Mackie — on “The Sonny & Cher Show.” “

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