Koch Brothers Launch Attack to Kill Electric Cars

“This newly released video seems to further confirm investigative journalist Peter Stone’s reporting from last spring that the Kochs were “plotting a multimillion dollar assault on electric vehicles.” ”

Source: Koch Brothers Launch Attack to Kill Electric Cars


What Republicans Think About Climate Change — in Maps – The New York Times

“Over the past two decades, Republicans have grown increasingly doubtful about climate change, even as Democrats have grown increasingly convinced that it’s happening and is caused by humans. But recent research published in the journal Climatic Change reveals greater nuance in partisan climate opinions across the country.

“Pockets of Republicans, or even a plurality or majority, support some pro-climate issues,” said Matto Mildenberger, a professor of political science at the University of California Santa Barbara and lead author on the study. Researchers found variation in Democratic beliefs too, he said, but those findings were less politically relevant because a majority of Democrats tend to accept climate science and support related policies no matter where they live.The study’s maps show how Republican support swings between minority and majority, depending on geography and how questions are posed.”

For an Endangered Animal- a Fire or Hurricane Can Mean the End – By Livia Albeck-Ripka – NYT

“When lighting struck the Pinaleño Mountains in southeast Arizona at around 2:45 p.m. on June 7, igniting a 48,000 acre fire that reduced an ancient forest to blackened poles and stumps, a scurry of rare squirrels — 217 of the 252 left in existence — disappeared.

Some were fitted with radio transmitters that burned to ash; conservationists deduced their fates. They hoped others had managed to escape.But for those 35 survivors — biological remnants from the last ice age — Jeff Humphrey, a spokesman with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, was deeply concerned.“Most of them have lost the cones they’ve stored for their winter nourishment,” Mr. Humphrey said. “How do we get them through this winter?”

‘Like Going Back in Time’: Puerto Ricans Put Survival Skills to Use – The New York Times

“SAN JUAN, P.R. — A grandmother turned a school bathroom sink into a bath. Neighbors are piling into a garage for communal meals prepared on an old gas stove. A 79-year-old man made a bonfire out of fallen tree branches to cook.More than a month after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico on a path of destruction that spared no region, race or class, residents of the island have found their creativity stretched to the limit as they try to function without many amenities of the modern world.

It is not just water and electricity that are in scarce supply. Cellphone service ranges from spotty to nonexistent. Cars are damaged and roads blocked. For many, work and school still have not resumed, so they wander the streets, play board games and sit around telling stories by candlelight.

“It’s like going back in time,” said Kevin Jose Sanchez Gonzalez, 25, who has been living in darkness since Sept. 5, the day before a previous storm, Hurricane Irma, began to chip away at Puerto Rico’s electrical grid.Crammed into homes three or four families at a time, living on canned and freeze-dried food without any means of turning it into a hot meal, and sleeping in shelters, Puerto Ricans have been learning to make do, sometimes in extreme ways.”

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Wade Nelson Durango, Colorado 1 hour ago

This could be America’s greatest hour. Construct and ship 100,000 tiny homes built from shipping containers. Offer American utilities massive tax breaks to send linemen, trucks, and equipment to P.R. Create a WPA or CCC to employ tens of thousands of under-employed Americans to rebuild homes. Fill the harbors with older cruise boats to house them while they do. Put every asset of the National Guard into restoring safety, and order in the island. Put a billion of OUR tax dollars in Elon Musk’s hands to fill the island with solar and PowerWall batteries instead of giving a tax cut to the rich. In other words, SEND THE CAVALRY. Americans need to take heed; whatever is NOT DONE in Puerto Rico will eventually NOT BE DONE in your town, your state, whether NorCAL, the Eastern Seaboard, Texas, or even Denver Colorado when disaster strikes YOUR area. As you have done to the “least of these, so you have done unto me” a wise man once said!

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David Solá-Del Valle, MD

Boston 3 hours ago

Facts about Puerto Rico a full month after the Hurricane (based on my visit to PR from Oct 9-Oct 14 and having my whole family in PR):
1) 77-88% (varies daily) of the island is without electricity, and Puerto Rico only has ~400 workers to restore the grid at this point as opposed to the 18,000 that were mobilized to Florida.
2) Most of my family is without water, and they live in Caguas, a mere 16 miles south of San Juan, essentially a suburb of San Juan, and easily accessible.
3) Getting a text or a phone call outside of San Juan is still miraculous. Imagine how difficult communications are. Sometimes you have to drive to see the person you need to talk to and pray they’re home and that you haven’t wasted your gas in vain. Of note, ~50% of cell towers are still down as of today.
4) The main hospitals in Caguas are working with generators.
5) Traffic is a mess – I lived it – no traffic lights are functional, and there aren’t enough policemen to man them all. Puerto Ricans have learned to multiply their usual commutes by 3-5 times depending on the day and weather.
6) I stood in line at several supermarkets in Caguas and Carolina to find food for my family to finally be allowed to enter and find half-empty shelves. This has been particularly hard for may cousin with Crohn’s disease.
7) 50 dead officially, 113 people missing, and people dying every day from lack of electricity, water, medications, etc. A video from a fellow physician in Centro Médico (in SJ) showed how grim it

Elon Musk Wants to Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid With Solar – Ecowatch.com

Ta’u, an island in American Samoa, with 100% sustainable energy grid by Tesla.

“Elon Musk Wants to Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid With SolarPuerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló responded positively to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s offer to help restore the island’s hurricane-wrecked power grid with the company’s batteries and solar panels.”Let’s talk,” the governor tweeted to Musk Thursday evening. “Do you want to show the world the power and scalability of your #TeslaTechnologies? PR could be that flagship project.”Musk tweeted back that he would be “happy to talk.” ”

Source: Elon Musk Wants to Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid With Solar

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule – The New York Times

“What is the impact on emissions?While the repeal of the Clean Power Plan offers a reprieve for America’s coal industry, it is unlikely to halt the decline of coal altogether. Even in the absence of the rule, many utilities across the country have opted to shift to natural gas, wind and solar, driven by cost concerns and state-level policies. Many states, like California and New York, are already moving ahead of the targets set by the Clean Power Plan as they develop their own climate policies.”

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Mae B Haynes Wayzata MN 55391 20 hours ago

I’m too angry to write a reasoned comment. Trump is so jealous of Obama that, like a four year old, his only agenda … and it’s an obsession… is to “get back at him” by negating all the good Obama has done. I have never been so afraid for my country. All that comes to mind – and won’t go away – is the wish that Trump and his entire cabinet get to spend a three week, all expense paid vacation breathing the air that spews forth from coal powered chimneys, with Scott Pruitt leading the way.

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NYT Pick
George Spring Lake, NJ 18 hours ago

As someone who worked as a research engineer for EPA at its birth in December, 1970, I am dismayed at how Pruitt is dismantling this critically important agency. However, despite the despicable actions of Pruitt, coal is dead, or at least is a dead man walking. The power industry knows this; even coal miners know this. The most Pruitt’s actions will do (and there is a terrible price in health and environmental degradation for them) is slow down the inevitable demise of coal. The country is also moving away from gasoline. The major auto makers, following the pioneering work of Tesla, have announced their intention to convert their offerings to fully electric vehicles. It is likely we will meet our goals under the Paris Climate Accord in spite of this administration. While the rest of the world is busy developing the technology for the post-fossil fuel world of the 21st century, Trump and his administration are busy turning the clock back to the 1950’s. Brilliant.

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NYT Pick
C. Davison Alameda, CA 18 hours ago

“Hazard” is right. My heart is breaking. Let’s move back to smoggy air, dirty drinking water, rivers on fire. Let’s bring more unwanted children into the world and expedite removal of the ill by denying them easy access to health care. Let’s let private hands exploit our ancient, treasured Parks and Monuments at gig economy wages. Let’s put minorities and dissenters “in their place.” Let’s decimate more communities with storm damage. Let’s contaminate the world with malice and murder. How is this my country? I’m kneeling, too. @thefairelection

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California Fires Kill at Least 10 and Destroy 1500 Buildings – The New York Times

“SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Fast-moving wildfires raged across Northern California on Monday, killing at least 10 people, sending well over 100 to hospitals, forcing up to 20,000 to evacuate and destroying more than 1,500 buildings in one of the most destructive fire emergencies in the state’s history.

Firefighters were battling blazes in eight counties, officials said.In Santa Rosa, the fire gutted a Hilton hotel and flattened the Journey’s End retirement community, a trailer park not far from the freeway that crosses the city. Most of the trailers were leveled, leaving a smoldering debris field of household appliances, filing cabinets and the charred personal effects of more than 100 residents. Pieces of ash fell like snowflakes, an….”

Aid Is Getting to Puerto Rico. Distributing It Remains a Challenge. – The New York Times

“LAS MARÍAS, P.R. — Inside a dark school sheltering families left homeless by landslides and hurricane winds, bottled water was getting so scarce on Monday that relief workers parceled out one small plastic cup to go with each person’s dinner of hot dogs, rice and beans and syrupy apricots.

“This is the ration,” Thomas Bosque, 60, whose roof was torn off in the storm, said, lifting his cup.At a local command center, Edwin Soto Santiago, the mayor of this devastated mountain municipality of 9,500 people, was also waiting for food and water, even though nine pallets sent by the federal government sat at a regional distribution center an hour away. The only way for the mayor to get them was to send a truck down muddy, tree-strewn roads. A day earlier, Las Marías officials had missed their chance to pick up a fresh shipment, the mayor said, because nobody told them it had arrived.

“We’re still looking for it,” Mr. Santiago said.Two weeks after Hurricane Maria split apart Puerto Rico, basic aid is arriving in San Juan and reaching more remote towns and barrios aching for assistance. But some families say that they are still receiving only meager portions, and ill-equipped and overburdened local mayors have been left to figure out how to haul supplies from regional drop-off points to their storm-ravaged towns. The death toll from the hurricane rose to 34, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said on Tuesday.”

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Patrick Borunda Washington 16 hours ago

Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are a graphic demonstration of the utter incompetence of Donald Trump and his fake administration. With all of the technology for forecasting the storm’s track, with all of the resources this huge economy could have brought to bear and all the experience embedded in our disaster relief infrastructure, active duty and reserve military, Trump & Co. couldn’t pre-position to mitigate the inevitable impact on the Commonwealth.
For starters, why wasn’t the Hope already at sea, out of harm’s way north of the storm track but days closer to Bahia San Juan? Though not fully stocked with perishables, it certainly could have had relief on the scene within 24 hours. Further, Marine Expeditionary Unites (nee Marine Amphibious Forces) and Navy Seabees have the capacity to clear LZs, repair airports and establish communication networks in profoundly hostile environments within hours of a launch.
As a young infantry officer in Vietnam I was already trained to organize lifts of utility and heavy lift helicopters to place the right mixes of men, equipment and supplies rapid-fire into small LZs. How much better could it be done now with advances in communications technology and better aircraft?
The simple fact of the matter is that the fake Trump administration lacks the capacity to operate the levers of government effectively, much less efficiently. This performance is a disaster!

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Mary New Jersey 17 hours ago

It is despicable that after 2 weeks, Puerto Ricans are not able to receive the most basic staples, i.e. food and water. Why isn’t our military using helicopters and airplanes to do air drops in the fartherest parts of the country?

And what about housing for those who have no home? Maybe some of the containers could be put together to furnish temporary housing. LED lanterns for lighting.

Mary Kandziolka

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Harrowing Storms May Move Climate Debate- if Not G.O.P. Leaders – The New York Times

For years, climate change activists have faced a wrenching dilemma: how to persuade people to care about a grave but seemingly far-off problem and win their support for policies that might pinch them immediately in utility bills and at the pump.But that calculus may be changing at a time when climatic chaos feels like a daily event rather than an airy abstraction, and storms powered by warming ocean waters wreak havoc on the mainland United States. Americans have spent weeks riveted by television footage of wrecked neighborhoods, displaced families, flattened Caribbean islands and submerged cities from Houston to Jacksonville.“The conversation is shifting,” said Senator Brian Schatz, Democrat of Hawaii. “Because even if you don’t believe liberals, even if you don’t believe scientists, you can believe your own eyes.”

Here is a a comment I didn’t like, and my response.

William Case United States 25 minutes ago NYT Pick

The climate has been cooling since the Holocene Climate Optimum peaked between 7,500 to 5,000 years ago, when temperatures were much higher than today. The cooling is produced by the Milankovitch Cycle—predictable changes in the Earth’s orbit—which combines with changes in the tilt of the earth orbit and the present positioning of the continental plates to produce very long glacial periods (ice ages) and very short interglacial periods (warming periods). The glacial periods last millions of years while the interglacial periods average about 10,000 years. In geological time, the current interglacial period has a few minutes still to go. There have been other brief warming periods during the cool-down similar to the one we are now experiencing. The only difference is that manmade carbon emissions are now contributing to the present warming period. If manmade carbon emissions can prolong the current interglacial period, they may be doing as much good as harm. However, it is unlikely that manmade carbon emissions will offset the Milankovitch Cycle. The probability is that the ice sheets will soon return, once again covering the northern tier of the United States beneath kilometers of ice.

In Reply to comment above:
David Lindsay Hamden, CT Pending Approval
William Case, cite your source or sources. If we cause the extinction of 80% of species on earth, as predicted by EO Wilson of Harvard and others, the human species might be one of them. We do not have several thousand years to exacerbate the overheating of the planet, before the next cooling period.
If we melt most of earth’s ice in the next few hundred years, the wars that might ensue from a 100+ foot sea level rise might do in most of the human race as well.