Immigration’s Border-Enforcement Myth – by Mae Ngai – NYT

“If we are to have restrictions on immigration, they ought to be reasonable, allow for family unification, operate in sync with the labor market and give refuge to those fleeing disaster and persecution. We can enact statutes of limitations on unauthorized presence (say five years, or even 10), which would recognize not just the inevitability of migrants’ entry but also their incorporation into society. The United States itself had such a policy once — before the National Origins Act of 1924.

But today, the mainstream of both political parties clings to the false logic of the 1980s, which yoked legalization to enforcement. This time around the Democrats are in an especially weak position, not least because extremists in both Congress and the White House are holding the Dreamers hostage to a radical nativist agenda.”


Dreamers- Liars and Bad Economics – by Paul Krugman

“But in any case, adding “and besides, they’re stealing our jobs” undercuts the whole pretense.

Furthermore, the claim was, as I said, junk economics. The idea that there are a fixed number of jobs, so that if a foreign-born worker takes a job he or she takes it away from a native-born worker, is completely at odds with everything we know about how the economy works. Hearing it from a conservative is especially surreal.

The truth is that letting the Dreamers work legally helps the U.S. economy; pushing them out or into the shadows is bad for everyone except racists.

To understand why, you need to realize that America, like other advanced economies, is facing a double-barreled demographic challenge thanks to declining fertility.

On one side, an aging population means fewer workers paying taxes to support Social Security and Medicare. Demography is the main reason long-run forecasts suggest problems for Social Security, and an important reason for concerns about Medicare. Driving out young workers who will pay into the system for many decades is a way to make these problems worse.

On the other side, declining growth in the working-age population reduces the returns to private investment, increasing the risk of prolonged slumps like the one that followed the 2008 financial crisis.

It’s not an accident that Japan, which has low fertility and is deeply hostile to immigration, began experiencing persistent deflation and stagnation a decade before the rest of the world. Destroying DACA makes America more like Japan. Why would we want to do that?”

I struggle with this issue, but I have enormous respect for Paul Krugman, and I can’t find fault with his arguments or facts. I would like more proof that these people are not taking jobs from Americans, but the prooofs are from macro economics, and not always, but  mostsly. When some of us were laid off in the recession of 2008, it might have been because we were older. We were often replaced by younger workers. It is in the next 50 years that all of Kruman’s arguments make sense. In the next 30 years, we are in danger of copying the deadly deflation of Japan.

Here is a comment I endorse:


is a trusted commenter Verona NJ September 8, 2017

Aside from the moral obscenity of deporting 800,000 law-abiding young people from the country they grew up in, what’s often overlooked about Republicans and their policies is how consistently destructive they are economically.

The historical record shows that Republican Presidents and Republican policies consistently have long-term deleterious economic effects: see Bush-Cheney’s 2001 – 2009 Reign of Error for a refresher course on Republican economic catastrophe.

A Moody’s Analytics analysis of Trump’s proposed economic policies last year showed that removing all undocumented immigrants from the labor force would trigger an economic recession within one year.

University of California – Davis economist Giovanni Peri says ending DACA would bring a net loss in productivity, given that the U.S. economy is close to full employment.

The CATO Institute estimated that ending DACA would reduce tax revenue by nearly $280 billion over a decade.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center estimated that deporting DACA-eligible individuals would reduce Social Security and Medicare tax revenue by $24.6 billion over a decade.

The Center for American Progress estimated that that the loss of all DACA-eligible workers would reduce US GDP by $433 billion over the next 10 years.

The proposed elimination of DACA is great for Making America Hate Again…and horrible for Making America Great Again.

But Greed Over People demands mindless White Spite to drive it over yet another Republican cliff.

Donald Trump’s Cowardice on ‘Dreamers’ – The New York Times

“President Trump didn’t even have the guts to do the job himself. Instead, he hid in the shadows and sent his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to do the dirty work of telling the country that the administration would no longer shield from deportation 800,000 young undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children.

Mr. Sessions, a longtime anti-immigrant hard-liner, was more than up to the task. In a short, disingenuous speech, he said a program set up by President Barack Obama in 2012 — known as DACA, for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — was a lawless policy that “yielded terrible humanitarian consequences” and denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of American citizens. (Mr. Trump echoed these claims in a statement released by the White House.) Mr. Sessions called DACA “an unconstitutional exercise of authority” and said “failure to enforce the laws in the past has put our nation at risk of crime, violence and terrorism.”

False, false, false and false.”

BPC-Immigration-Key-Findings-PRINT – BPC-Immigration-Employment-Wages-Key-Findings.pdf

“Over the past several decades, native-born Americans have become increasingly detached from the labor force, with declining levels of employment and labor force participation. Many have attempted to blame these trends on immigration, under the notion that immigrants displace native-born workers and drive down their wages. Although superficially appealing, these arguments are ultimately overly simplistic and misguided, as they ignore several other factors driving these trends.

A new Bipartisan Policy Center report analyzes the wage and employment outcomes of the foreign- and native-born populations. Since 2000, employment has decreased by 6 percentage points among the native-born population but by just 2 percentage points among the foreign-born population. However, the unemployment rate—defined as the percent of the population out of work but actively looking for a job—has remained roughly equal for the two demographics. This is because native-born individuals have increasingly chosen to exit the labor force for other reasons—namely to retire, enroll in school or enter disability (fig. 1). If native-born individuals exhibited the same change in rates of retirement, school enrollment and disability as foreign-born persons over the last 15 years, the native-born employment rate would be almost identical to the foreign-born rate (see ‘Native (Adjusted)’ in fig. 2).”

Source: BPC-Immigration-Key-Findings-PRINT – BPC-Immigration-Employment-Wages-Key-Findings.pdf

This is one of the answers to my recent question, show me the studies that DACA immigrants do not take jobs away from native workers.

The Very Bad Economics of Killing DACA – by Paul Krugman -NYT

“Trump’s decision to kill DACA — never mind the attempt to obscure things with that meaningless delay — is, first and foremost, a moral obscenity: throwing out 800,000 young people who are Americans in every way that matters, who have done nothing wrong, basically for racial reasons. But it’s also worth noting that Jeff Sessions just tried to sell it with junk economics, claiming that the Dreamers are taking American jobs. No, they aren’t, even if we leave aside the question of who’s an American. DACA is very much a boon to the rest of the U.S. population, and killing it will make everyone worse off.To see why, first note that whatever you think about the economics of less-educated immigrants — most of the evidence suggests that they don’t depress wages, but that’s another discussion — none of it applies to DREAMers. Their educational and behavioral profile, as Cato notes, doesn’t resemble the average immigrant, let alone the average undocumented immigrant; they look like H-1B visa holders, that is, skilled immigrants we have specifically allowed in because they help the economy.

Beyond that, DREAMers are young — which means that they help the economy in not one but two big ways, because they mitigate the economic problems caused by an aging population.”

Source: The Very Bad Economics of Killing DACA – The New York Times

Paul Krugman writes, “But it’s also worth noting that Jeff Sessions just tried to sell it with junk economics, claiming that the Dreamers are taking American jobs. No, they aren’t, even if we leave aside the question of who’s an American.”

Where are the hyperlinks. What are the studies that prove this point. If it is a canard, please show us the proofs, and the data.


An Elusive Immigration Compromise – by Ross Douthat – NYT

“The last time Gallup asked Americans if they thought immigration to the United States should increase or decrease, 35 percent chose a decrease, 24 percent an increase, and 38 percent preferred the present rate. Support for increasing immigration has been rising for a decade, but it remains relatively low. To the extent that there is a middle-ground position, it is for something like the status quo.

From polling like this you would imagine that recent immigration reform efforts would have worked in that middle space, trying to tweak the mix of new arrivals without increasing the immigration rate. But instead, most recent attempts at a “comprehensive” bill have sought not only amnesty for illegal immigrants, but an increase in low-skilled immigration, above the already brisk post-1960s pace.

Bipartisan bills dramatically at odds with the shape of public opinion are generally bad for both parties. And sure enough, the attempts at immigration reform under George W. Bush and Barack Obama helped give us both a much-reduced Democratic Party and a G.O.P. helmed by Donald Trump.”

Population Growth – Letter to the NYT by Philip Warburg

To the Editor:“Fixing a Major Piece of the Climate Puzzle” (news article, July 14) identifies a major and growing contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions: the use of hydrofluorocarbons in air-conditioning. But the solution isn’t simply to switch to a refrigerant less damaging to our environment.

Durwood Zaelke of the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development is briefly quoted referring to population growth as one of the factors leading us to greater reliance on air-conditioning and, more broadly, to accelerated global warming. He’s right. Population growth will have a big effect on our global environment, yet we seldom face that issue head-on.The United Nations has just updated its “World Population Prospects,” and the numbers are stunning. Under a slow-growth scenario, we will have 9.6 billion people on this planet by 2100. On the high end, there will be 13.2 billion of us — a 76 percent increase above today’s 7.5 billion.

It’s time to get serious about encouraging policies at home and abroad that stand a chance of steering us toward the lower end of those United Nations projections. Family planning, birth control and voluntary abortion aren’t dirty words; they’re keys to our environmental survival.”

PHILIP WARBURG, NEWTON, MASS.The writer is a nonresident senior fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy.

Legal Fight Could Make Kentucky Only State With No Abortion Clinic – The New York Times

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As states across the nation enact increasingly aggressive restrictions on abortion, perhaps nowhere has the political climate shifted as much as here in Kentucky, where the E.M.W. Women’s Surgical Center, a squat tan brick building on Market Street, is the state’s sole abortion clinic.Over the past year, Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican who calls himself “unapologetically pro-life,” has blocked a new Planned Parenthood clinic from performing abortions, shuttered E.M.W.’s satellite clinic in Lexington and threatened to close the existing one in Louisville. Backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the clinic has sued the state; a trial is set for September.

David Lindsay Hamden, CT Pending Approval

Consider the chapter in Freakonomics, (the first book) on the discovered correlation between the rise in legal access to abortions in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and the dramatic decline in crime rates in the 1990’s, but only in the states that really made abortions available to poor people.

from “These may not sound like typical questions for an economist to ask. But Steven D. Levitt is not a typical economist. He is a much-heralded scholar who studies the riddles of everyday life—from cheating and crime to sports and child-rearing—and whose conclusions turn the conventional wisdom on its head.”

One of the many tragedies of the this war over a woman’s right to control her own reproduction, is that overpopulation is the great elephant in the room. We have gone from 2 to 7.5 billion people in just 100 years, and we humans, in our growth rate, are the new asteroid hitting the planet’s ecosystems.

President Trump’s Reckless Shame Game – The New York Times

“President Trump’s Homeland Security Department turned its immigration purge — and assault on the Constitution — up a notch this week. It posted the first of what it says will be weekly online reports identifying state and local law enforcement agencies that decline its requests to keep immigrants in jail to give federal agents time to pick them up.

The idea is to name and shame these agencies, accusing them of recklessly loosing dangerous aliens onto the streets. The report, on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website, trumpets itself as a “Public Safety Advisory.” It includes a grim warning from the acting ICE director, Thomas Homan, about the agency’s requests, called detainers: “When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect the public safety and carry out its mission.” ”

I want much stronger control over illegal immigration into our country, and to basically stop illegal immigration. On the other hand, it is wrong to have a permissive system that allows illegals to work in the US, and then, get robbed by their employers, who can abuse this work force and not honor contracts, since the workers can’t seek legal reddress.
The solution is at least two fold. We should work to secure our borders in a sophisticated fashion. One important step would be to revise the 14th amendment right of 1868 for former slaves that says any anyone born in the US is automatically a citizen. This is powerful magnet today that should be removed.
But employers should not be allowed to harvest hard working illegals and treat them like slave labor. Illegal workers should have the right for restitution for any work contract, whether written or verbal. Since the appearance in court could lead to their immediate deportation, there would have to be some protection, perhaps for a time period, a year or two, or they should be allowed a two week period to escape into anonymity, so that they can bring justice to their situation without facing immediate deportation.
All illegals should be registered either voluntarily or involuntarily, so the state can mange their numbers and the industries that depend on their work. Employers should probably be required to issue or apply for work permits for every illegal they hire.

President Trump’s Muslim Ban Lite – The New York Times

“President Trump was center stage when his administration hastily rolled out a sweeping travel ban targeting Muslims in late January, vowing it would ensure “we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas.”

He was out of sight on Monday as administration officials unveiled a downscaled, but still pernicious, version of the ban, which targets refugees and travelers from six predominantly Muslim nations. It’s not hard to see why. The Muslim Ban Lite is an implicit acknowledgment that the Trump administration stumbled spectacularly in its first major attempt to deliver on a campaign promise.”

I worry that this whole mess is to distract us from the issue of the new administration helping the Russians hack our election.
Nevertheless, the NYT has written an excellent editorial.
the two top comments are also valuable:


is a trusted commenter Verona NJ 12 hours ago

Cause of Death AND related Odds of Death

Heart Disease and Cancer 1 in 7
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 1 in 27
Intentional Self-harm 1 in 97
Unintentional Poisoning 1 in 103
Motor Vehicle Crash 1 in 113

Fall 1 in 133
Assault by Firearm 1 in 358
Pedestrian Incident 1 in 672
Motorcycle Rider Incident 1 in 948
Unintentional Drowning 1 in 1,183

Exposure to Fire, Flames or Smoke 1 in 1,454
Choking from Food 1 in 3,408
Bicycle Incident 1 in 4,337
Firearms Discharge 1 in 7,944
Air and Space Transport Incidents 1 in 9,737

Hornets, Wasps and Bees 1 in 64,706
Contact with Heat and Hot Substances 1 in 69,169
Legal Execution 1 in 111,439
Being Bitten or Struck by a Dog 1 in 114,622
Lightning Strike 1 in 174,426

Shark Attack 1 in 8 million
Refuge Terrorist 1 in 46 million
Illegal Immigrant Terrorist 1 in 138 million

Compared to the threat posed by refugee terrorists , the typical American is:

6 times more likely to die from a shark attack
29 times more likely to die from a regional asteroid strike
260 times more likely to be struck and killed by lightning
4,700 times more likely to die in an airplane or spaceship accident
129,000 times more likely to die in a gun assault
407,000 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle incident
6.9 million times more likely to die from cancer or heart disease

And Donald Trump is the leading cause of America’s daily fear, loathing, paranoia and self-destruction.

Ban the Birther-Liar from political office.

NYT Pick

Christine McM

is a trusted commenter Massachusetts 10 hours ago

Just when thought Donald Trump could do no more Harm to our image that he has already done, I’ve been proven wrong. I find myself despairing at times that he is trashing everything this country stands for.

It’s sickening to think he keeps his people in line to issue their standard support for his policy, Even bringing up new ways to slander the reputation and image of Muslims. Why do he in Bannon and Sessions hate Muslims so much? Honor killings indeed.

Canada has replaced the United States as a fair honorable nation in doing their fair share to take the large number of Syrian refugees that we reject.

Based on the ugly comments of Trump supporters and of course of Trump himself, I simply do not recognize this country anymore. Since Trump was elected, the number of hate crimes has risen accordingly. The ugly murders of dark skin Sikhs who aren’t even Muslims but just look foreign are a stain on Americas image.

If I were younger, I would seriously think about leaving. It’s getting harder and harder for thinking Americans who know the difference between truth and lies to have to listen to a president so full of hate and so unqualified to represent us on the world stage.

God protect our nation from Donald Trump. And God bless Canada for doing what we should be doing as well.