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“In the Video Op-Ed above, we debunk a recycling myth that has lulled us into guilt-free consumption for decades.

This holiday season, the United States Postal Service expects to ship almost one billion packages — cardboard boxes full of electronics and fabric and plastic galore. And the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans generate 25 percent more waste in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than during the rest of the year, an additional one million tons per week.

But hey, most of it is recyclable, right?

Well, not really.”

Single Stream Recycling Services, Recycling Companies, Waste Recycling, Recycling Pickup Services, Curbside Recycling | Windsor Sanitation – Windsor, Connecticut

Single Stream Recycling Services
Windsor Sanitation stands out amongst other recycling companies by now offering single stream recycling services as well as hand sorted pickup. Single stream recycling allows customers to place all recyclables, unsorted, into one cart, which is picked up in the same fashion as our automated trash carts. Place BLUE recycling carts at the curbside by 7 a.m. on scheduled collection day.

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Please consult the recycling guidelines below to comply with State Recycling Regulations. For the most up-to-date recycling guidelines followed by the public and recycling companies, please visit http://www.crra.org/pages/recycle.htm

What CAN Be Recycled Through the New Single Stream Recycling System
Paper – including:
Advertisement flyers
Junk mail
Cardboard – including:
Cereal boxes
Food & Beverage Containers – including:
Glass bottles
Plastic bottles (PETE & HDPE only)
Tin cans (not aerosol cans)
Aluminum cans
Aluminum food trays
Place all acceptable recycling material in the new BLUE cart as you generate it. The new system allows material to be mixed together
All material must be inside the cart – no bundles or bags on the ground
Cut large pieces to fit into the Single Stream Cart
Rinse dirty material of contaminants
Labels and neck rings DON’T have to be removed
DON’T break bottles
Plastic bottles CAN be clear or colored and include detergent bottles, bleach bottles, shampoo bottles and other similar items
NOTE: Bottles must be completely empty
What CANNOT Be Recycled in the New Single Stream Recycling System

Dirty or contaminated newspaper
Dirty or contaminated (food waste, etc.) papers, paper towels, paper plates, etc.
Dirty or contaminated cardboard (pizza boxes, etc.)
Wax or plastic coated cardboard
Automotive fluid (oil, antifreeze, etc.)
Aerosol (spray) cans
Food & Beverage containers not made of glass, tin, aluminum or plastic that is not PETE & HDPE varieties
Other glass items (light bulbs, window glass, dishes, etc.)
Other plastic items (toys, etc.)
Other metal items (pots, pans, coat hangers, toasters, etc.)
Ceramic items (bottles, dishes, flower pots, etc.)

Source: Single Stream Recycling Services, Recycling Companies, Waste Recycling, Recycling Pickup Services, Curbside Recycling | Windsor Sanitation – Windsor, Connecticut