Suffering in Syria and Iraq

Not only is this horrible news, but we helped cause this mess, and have some responsibility to help clean it up. It is good, therefore, that President Obama is helping in fight against ISIS.

I have visited camps before, but this time the pain left me speechless.|By Angelina Jolie

Kristof asks, “Is Islam to Blame for the Shooting at Charlie Hebdo in Paris?”

Thank you Nicholas for another beautiful and thoughtful piece. Your thinking was echoed on NPR today, by Christopher Dickey of the Daily Beast, reporting from Paris that he fears the Charlie killers will get what they wanted, to drive deeper wedges between the Muslims and Christians in France. In humility, I liked your piece, but I also recommended two Comments that criticized it for ignoring the failure of the 1.6 Billion Muslims to stop the 30,000 fanatics. .0002 or .02% Why aren’t they taking down the Wahhabists, the fundamentalist mosques throughout Saudi Arabia behind 911? If the Muslim faith is not to blame, why do so many of their societies look like European ones in the 13th century?

Let’s speak up about terrorism in the Islamic world, but let’s not respond with our own brand of intolerance.|By Nicholas Kristof