One Week in April, Four Toddlers Shot and Killed Themselves – The New York Times

“KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sha’Quille Kornegay, 2 years old, was buried in a pink coffin, her favorite doll by her side and a tiara strategically placed to hide the self-inflicted gunshot wound to her forehead.She had been napping in bed with her father, Courtenay Block, late last month when she discovered the 9-millimeter handgun he often kept under his pillow in his Kansas City, Mo., home. It was equipped with a laser sight that lit up like the red lights on her cousins’ sneakers. Mr. Block told the police he woke to see Sha’Quille by his bed, bleeding and crying, the gun at her feet. A bullet had pierced her skull.”

Source: One Week in April, Four Toddlers Shot and Killed Themselves – The New York Times

This story breaks my heart. To be allowed to buy a gun, a citizen should have to go through a background check, buy a license, take a course, and pass a difficult exam. Hand guns should only be owned by law enforcement, professional security personnel, and military. Hand gun violence is reported to be much lower in countries with strict gun controls.

I am not sure that the adults who made these mistakes should be prosecuted as felons. They have been punished by their loss. We need less incarceration, and more support for the poor, the careless and even the stupid. Instead of destroying them and their families further, take away permanently, their right to own guns.

Some Inconvenient Gun Facts for Liberals – Nicholas, Kristof, The New York Times

“One of the puzzles of American politics is that most voters want gun regulation, but Congress resists. One poll found that 74 percent even of N.R.A. members favor universal background checks to acquire a gun. Likewise, the latest New York Times poll found that 62 percent of Americans approved of President Obama’s executive actions on guns this month.So why does nothing get done? One reason is that liberals often inadvertently antagonize gun owners and empower the National Rifle Association by coming across as supercilious, condescending and spectacularly uninformed about the guns they propose to regulate. A classic of gun ignorance: New York passed a law three years ago banning gun magazines holding more than seven bullets — without realizing that for most guns there is no such thing as a magazine for seven bullets or less.And every time liberals speak blithely about banning guns, they boost the N.R.A. Let’s also banish the term “gun control”: the better expression is “gun safety.” ”

Source: Some Inconvenient Gun Facts for Liberals – The New York Times