He Has Spent Three Decades in Prison. Now Experts Dispute the Evidence. – The New York Times

By Pamela Colloff
July 24, 2018

“An influential state commission said the blood-spatter analysis used to convict a former Texas high school principal of murdering his wife in 1985 was “not accurate or scientifically supported” and the expert who testified was “entirely wrong.”

The findings of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, a national leader in forensic science reform, called into question the conviction of Joe Bryan, who has now spent more than 30 years in prison.

Mr. Bryan was the subject of a two-part investigation by ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine in May that questioned the accuracy of the bloodstain pattern analysis used to convict Mr. Bryan, as well as the training of the experts who testify in such cases.

The findings, which were released during a commission meeting Friday, give fresh urgency to the pleas of Mr. Bryan, now 77 and in poor health, for a new trial. Mr. Bryan had been attending a principals’ convention in Austin, 120 miles from where the murder occurred, in the days surrounding the murder. He has always maintained that he was in Austin, asleep in his hotel room, at the time of the crime.”

David Lindsay:
There is a stench in Denmark. Here is a comment I fully endorse:
Ken Smith
Charlotte12m ago
A valid DNA sample is available. A fact based determination can be made as to guilt or innocence. Why on earth does the DA not agree to test it. If one is sworn to seek justice and the truth….do the test.

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