A Guide to Protecting the Vulnerable from Covid – David Leonhardt – The New York Times

“With the Omicron wave receding, many places are starting to remove at least some of their remaining pandemic restrictions.

This shift could have large benefits. It could reduce the isolation and disruption that have contributed to a long list of societal ills, like rising mental-health problems, drug overdoses, violent crime and, as Substack’s Matthew Yglesias has written, “all kinds of bad behavior.”

But the removal of restrictions has downsides, too. Millions of Americans remain vulnerable to Covid. The largest group of the vulnerable, by far, is the unvaccinated, who have the ability to protect themselves and have chosen not to.

Another group of people, however, have done what they can to stay healthy — by getting vaccinated — and yet remain vulnerable. They include the elderly and people with immunodeficiencies that put them at greater Covid risk. According to the C.D.C., more than 75 percent of vaccinated people who have died from Covid had at least four medical risk factors.”

David Lindsay:   In the last two months I cut the cable with Comcast Xfinity triple play. It required a lot of work. Fixing my home network, identifying and replacing a trunk wire gone bad, replacing an out of date router, upgrading two old 10/100 switches to 1000s, setting up fiber optic internet with GoNetSpeed, offering 150 Mbps up and down, and then learning how to use Google TV through Roku, and moving my phone to Ooma. I spent weeks trying to reuse my old coax network, before it dawned on me that I already also had cat 5 ethernet throughout the house, which fiber optic and these new services prefer anyway. I had to polish off old skills, to put plugs on the ends of several cat 5 cables, 8 colored wires organized exactly into a a space the size of a finger nail. Did you know that the entire cat 5 internet empire runs in the following wired order: white-orange stripe, orange, white-green stipe, blue, white-blue stripe, green, white-brown stripe, brown.

My new internet is twice as fast to begin with, and my wireless at 94 mbps up and downs is 20 times faster, thought partly due to issues with my second router. My bill for internet, TV and phone should go from $200 to $136 a month. Fingers crossed, and I can leave Youtube TV at any time, no contract, and save another $70.
So I am behind in my postings from my blog, and I will catch up with a few straight reposts. You have to click through to get the the NYT.
David Leonhardt below, was a mathematician who became a journalist, and is a crisp and clear writer. Following his bit on covid, he summarizes the best of the NYT for the day? or the day before, which is his new beat.