WHAT A REAL PRESIDENT WAS LIKE – By Bill Moyers – Washington Post -1988

This amazing piece by Bill Moyers in 1988, was a hypertext link in the comment by Socrates regarding the Charles Blow piece on racism posted just before this post. This is the great nugget of them all.

WHILE Lyndon Baines Johnson was a man of time and place, he felt the bitter paradox of both. I was a young man on his staff in 1960 when he gave me a vivid account of that southern schizophrenia he understood and feared. We were in Tennessee. During the…

How Stephen Colbert Finally Found His Elusive Groove – NYT

Mr. Colbert has done what was unthinkable a year ago: turned “The Late Show” into the most viewed show in late night. And President Trump is not the only reason.
David Lindsay Mr. Colbert’s election night special on Showtime attracted only 238,000 viewers, fewer than a tenth of his usual viewership.

But in the final minutes of the show, Mr. Colbert scrapped a prepared closing monologue about the importance of coming together after a polarizing election, and went off script. He was personal, and he discussed, bluntly, the searing divides in the country.

In the article, “off script” is a link to the yourtube video of the end of the turn around show, on election night. also at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT4MZLl0v_c

Pepsi Pulls Ad Accused of Trivializing Black Lives Matter – The New York Times

Pepsi has apologized for a controversial advertisement that borrowed imagery from the Black Lives Matter movement, after a day of intense criticism from people who said it trivialized the widespread protests against the killings of black people by the police.“Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark and apologize,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday. “We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout.”The ad, posted to YouTube on Tuesday, shows attractive young people holding milquetoast signs with nonspecific pleas like “Join the conversation.” The protesters are uniformly smiling, laughing, clapping, hugging and high-fiving.

David Lindsay Hamden, CT Pending Approval

I actually liked the ad. I don’t know who the Jenners are, so there was nothing offensive to me in using a famous model. I think Pepsi has some work ahead, to build on this piece. Do an ad using the suggestion of Kristen Renner above.
This ad isn’t about the horrible things people criticize it for, it is about diversity.
If this ad were part of a trilogy, or quartet, it might get more appreciation for the positive art message and fantasy it portrays. Or, They could just run it in Trump country.
There is a bigger question for Pepsi to deal with, especially if does a similar ad about aid workers working with starving refugees in the sub sahara. What do they sell that is more than overpriced sugar water that leads to obesity. I’d like to see Pepsi the company get more active in helping war and climate change refugees. But they have to do the work, make the contributions, then claim the credit. Support organizatins like Doctors Without Borders. For a good cause, I could possibly drink a diet soda.
I will never forget trekking in Nepal around the four Annapurnas, and seeing a porter carrying on his back with a tump line, up a steep, mountain stair case, 6 full cases of soda, including coke or pepsi, because even peasants in the Himalayan mountains want what rich westerners and easterners want. The porter wore shorts, and toe thong plastic slippers. Watching that porter work, I made a joke, there goes the Soda Company. At that moment, I might have even bought a soda.

Please share the trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power in theatres July 28th. #BeInconvenient

Thank you for this post, Brooks. What a disturbing time.

Al Gore looks and sounds great in this trailer. I think he wants to run again for president.

He is energized.



Make your voice heard. Please share the trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power in theatres July 28th. #BeInconvenient

Make America Singapore – by Ross Douthat – NYT

Inconvenient News Worldwide

“Is there an existing health insurance system that vindicates this boast? Yes, in a sense: There is Singapore, whose health care system is the marvel of the wealthy world. Singaporeans pay for much of their own care out of their own pockets, and their major insurance program is designed to cover long-term illnesses and prolonged hospitalizations, not routine care. The combination has produced genuinely extraordinary results: The island state has excellent health outcomes while spending, as of 2014, just 5 percent of G.D.P. on health care. (By comparison, a typical Western European country that year spent around 10 percent; the United States spent 17 percent.)”

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the Arctic will be void of ice by 2050 – species at risk – Paul Nicklen Photojournalist

For the last 40 years, I’ve roamed the polar regions of our world. I started as a child, growing up in an Inuit community on Baffin Island, Canada, where I learned from the Inuit people not just to survive in our environment — but to thrive in and love the Arctic for all it had to offer.

Later, as a scientist, I tried using data to make the case for conservation. But it wasn’t until I became a polar photographer for Sea Legacy and National Geographic magazine that I finally found a way to convey the urgency of protecting this fragile ecosystem for the good of all humanity.

Photo by Paul Nicklen

Photo by Paul Nicklen

As a scientist, what I know about the Arctic is terrifying. Currently, it’s warming twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet. As a photographer, I can observe and document these effects first-hand: receding glaciers, struggling wildlife populations, and cities impacted by rising sea levels.

And as the landscape changes, driven by climate change, I am watching the Arctic region become increasingly vulnerable. In particular, we should see the rapid disappearance of sea ice here for what it is: a sign of imminent and catastrophic change. The danger of an oil spill would deliver a fatal blow to this pristine and critically important ecosystem.

But — with the leadership of President Obama — we’ve taken a step forward.

Yesterday, President Obama designated vast portions of the United States’ Arctic Ocean as indefinitely off limits for future oil and gas leasing.

The new withdrawal — which encompasses the entire U.S. Chukchi Sea and the vast majority of the U.S. Beaufort Sea — will provide critical protection for the unique and vibrant Arctic ecosystem, which is home to marine mammals and other vital ecological resources and marine species, and upon which many Alaska Native communities depend. With this action, we’ve now protected nearly 125 million acres in the Arctic from future oil and gas activity since 2015.

Photo by Paul Nicklen

Photo by Paul Nicklen

This action also comes in conjunction with Canada’s announcement that it will freeze offshore oil and gas leasing in its Arctic waters, to be reviewed every five years through a climate and marine science-based assessment.

My career as a scientist, photojournalist, and co-founder of SeaLegacy.org has taught me that merely telling people the ice is melting doesn’t work. Temperatures are rising. Animals are struggling, starving and drowning. Water levels are gradually immersing cities. We can no longer just talk about this. We need to show the world how urgent it is with images and stories and, more importantly, with urgent action.

At this pace the Arctic will be void of ice by 2050. It’s a message that’s hard to hear but easy to understand when you see the damage at the poles of this great Earth. Species whose survival is at serious risk, like the Pacific walrus, polar bear, bowhead whale, fin whale, spectacled eider, and Steller’s eider will benefit from these protections, and so will the communities that rely on the Arctic ecosystem for their way of life. I hope Sea Legacy’s photographs become ambassadors for this beautiful ecosystem and inspire immediate action to protect it.

Thank you to President Obama for having the foresight to step forward. Not back.

Thanks for hearing me,


Paul Nicklen
Wildlife Photojournalist
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Reclining Vishnu at Kbal Spean – Picture of Angkor & Asia Adventures – Day Tours, Siem Reap

Angkor & Asia Adventures – Day Tours, Siem Reap Picture: Reclining Vishnu at Kbal Spean – Check out TripAdvisor members’ 58,451 candid photos and videos of Angkor & Asia Adventures – Day Tours

Source: Reclining Vishnu at Kbal Spean – Picture of Angkor & Asia Adventures – Day Tours, Siem Reap – TripAdvisor

Climate Leadership Council – Washington & London

THE CONSERVATIVE CASEFOR CARBON DIVIDENDS COUNCIL LAUNCH EVENTCo-authored by a who’s who of conservative elder statesmen, this public statement marks the first time leading Republicans put forth a concrete, market-based climate solution. Watch full video of the Council’s high-profile February 8th launch event. Speakers included James A. Baker, III, Martin Feldstein, Ted Halstead, and Greg Mankiw.

Source: Climate Leadership Council – Washington & London

What President Trump Doesn’t Get About America – nytimes.com|By The Editorial Board

Here is a beautiful statement about a very difficult day in our nation’s history.

It was already pretty great, despite its flaws, before he took office Friday.
nytimes.com|By The Editorial Board

Bannon Versus Trump – by David Brooks – The New York Times

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“It’s becoming clear that for the next few years American foreign policy will be shaped by the struggle among Republican regulars, populist ethno-nationalists and the forces of perpetual chaos unleashed by Donald Trump’s attention span.

The Republican regulars build their grand strategies upon the post-World War II international order — the American-led alliances, norms and organizations that bind democracies and preserve global peace. The regulars seek to preserve and extend this order, and see Vladimir Putin as a wolf who tears away at it.”

Bravo David Brooks. I knew you could rehabilitate yourself. The top comments so far all miss the big point, that this column in brilliant. Brooks writes: “I’m personally betting the foreign policy apparatus, including the secretaries of state and defense, will grind down the populists around Trump. Frictions will explode within the insanely confusing lines of authority in the White House. ” The rest of his…

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