Agencies Clashed on Classification of Clinton Email- Inquiry Shows – The New York Times

…………. “In the interview, an unidentified F.B.I. official in the international operations division said Mr. Kennedy had complained to him that the F.B.I. classification of the document “caused problems for Kennedy” and that Mr. Kennedy had wanted to give it a different designation and file it in the State Department basement — “never to be seen again.”The unidentified F.B.I. official said he was the one who then “told Kennedy he would look into the email matter if Kennedy would provide authority concerning the F.B.I.’s request to increase its personnel in Iraq.” ”

Source: Agencies Clashed on Classification of Clinton Email, Inquiry Shows – The New York Times

There is plenty of evidence in this article, that Hillary wasn’t doing what she is accused of, as much, or at all. The interagency conflict is what is apparent.