“Big Fish” Acts to preserve image, environment. – Mereconomics

“Date: May 27, 2016Author: Brooks Kaiser 0 Comments Industrial concentration can sometimes be good for the environment, if not cheap prices or even economic playing fields.This week a group of mass retailers and processors of Northeast Atlantic Cod (Espersen (Privately held, Danish), Nomad Foods Europe (NOMD on the NYSE), Icelandic Seachill/The Saucy Fish Co. (Icelandic Holding company/subsidiary), Young’s Seafood Ltd (Privately held, British), Tesco (TSCO on the LSS), Morrisons (MRW on the LSS), ASDA (British subsidiary of WalMart (WMT on the NYSE)), Marks and Spencer (MKS.L on LSS), Sainsbury’s (JSNSF on OTC) and McDonalds (MCD on NYSE)) acted in concert with Norwegian and Russian fishermen (Fiskebåt, Karat) to stem the trawl fishing that Greenpeace has identified moving toward Svalbard as the Arctic ice retreats and grants access.”

Source: “Big Fish” Acts to preserve image, environment. – Mereconomics