Crisis Looms in Antibiotics as Drug Makers Go Bankrupt – By Andrew Jacobs – The New York Times

“At a time when germs are growing more resistant to common antibiotics, many companies that are developing new versions of the drugs are hemorrhaging money and going out of business, gravely undermining efforts to contain the spread of deadly, drug-resistant bacteria.

Antibiotic start-ups like Achaogen and Aradigm have gone belly up in recent months, pharmaceutical behemoths like Novartis and Allergan have abandoned the sector and many of the remaining American antibiotic companies are teetering toward insolvency. One of the biggest developers of antibiotics, Melinta Therapeutics, recently warned regulators it was running out of cash.

Experts say the grim financial outlook for the few companies still committed to antibiotic research is driving away investors and threatening to strangle the development of new lifesaving drugs at a time when they are urgently needed.

“This is a crisis that should alarm everyone,” said Dr. Helen Boucher, an infectious disease specialist at Tufts Medical Center and a member of the Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.”

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT comments:
Merry Christmas, Hannukah and Solstice. Thank you Andrew Jacobs and the New York Times for this important, though alarming and depressing piece. I am not surprised. This type of news was completely expected here. I recommend to one and all the non-fiction book, “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” by Tracy Kidder, about the life of Dr. Paul Farmer, and his work fighting MDR’s, medically Drug Resistant diseases. The good news, is there is a good chance we will kill off the human race, which should help stop the Sixth Extinction of all species. It would make a good movie if we survive. Will human greed and stupidity in the form of MDR’s kill off the human race in the next one or two hundred years, before climate change does? This would perhaps be morally superior to our killing off 50 to 80% of all other species, which is the future that scientists like E O Wilson of Harvard say we are headed towards.
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