China Takes a Chain Saw to a Center of Tibetan Buddhism – By Edward Wong – The New York Times

“LARUNG GAR, China — Atop a hill, a growling chain saw drowned out loudspeakers broadcasting a lama’s chants from a nearby temple.The chain saw, wielded by workers demolishing a row of homes, signaled the imminent end of thousands of hand-built monastic dwellings here at Larung Gar, the world’s largest Buddhist institute.

Since its founding in 1980, Larung Gar has grown into an extraordinary and surreal sprawl — countless red-painted dwellings surrounding temples, stupas and large prayer wheels. The homes are spread over the walls of this remote Tibetan valley like strawberry jam slathered on a scone.Larung Gar has become one of the most influential institutions in the Tibetan world, the teachings of its senior monks praised, debated and proselytized from here to the Himalayas. In recent years, disciples have popularized a “10 new virtues” movement based on Buddhist beliefs, spreading its message across the region.”

Source: China Takes a Chain Saw to a Center of Tibetan Buddhism – The New York Times

Lovely piece Edward Wong, thank you. I pray for these Buddhists, like I pray for all people of the world, including Americans. I have read all 13 comments so far, and they are full of energy, and sometimes knowledge. There is plenty of frustration. The Chinese Communist Party appears through this story to be in pretty deep trouble. If they are afraid of all successful communities outside their direct control and narrow world view, they will stop many vibrant communities, and diminish their country and economy until the people rise up in anger.