Dear Paul Ryan: Listen to Your Constituents – by Nicholas Kristof – NYT

“I visited the three Planned Parenthood clinics in your congressional district in Wisconsin and spoke to women and men arriving full of anxieties. They feared unwanted pregnancy, gonorrhea, breast cancer, and they can’t understand why you’re trying to close clinics that keep them healthy.They’re having trouble reaching you, so I thought I’d help. Speaker Ryan, please listen to your own constituents.”

Strong op-ed.

Here is a comment I support:


NYC 2 days ago

Did you know that more than half the babies delivered in this country are born to mothers on Medicaid? Do you realize that in many places Planned Parenthood is the ONLY comprehensive women’s health clinic?

If you really cared about women and children, you’d support PP’s efforts to be sure that every child is born into a healthy, supportive and welcoming family.

(And by the way, MOST healthcare providers are “private.” Maybe instead of accepting Medicare, Medicaid and insurance plans YOUR doctor should be out soliciting donations.)

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