Democrats Zero In on Kavanaugh’s Defense of Presidential Power – By Sheryl Gay Stolberg – NYT

By Sheryl Gay Stolberg
July 11, 2018, 80 comments.
“WASHINGTON — Democrats who once saw health care and abortion as their best lines of attack against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, are recalibrating their approach to go after him for his view that a sitting president should not have to answer questions in a criminal case, much less face indictment.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, said in an interview on Wednesday that Judge Kavanaugh’s belief in broad presidential authority was “just off the deep end.”

For Democrats facing an uphill struggle to block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, his protective views of the presidency could prove to be a bright red ribbon. Rather than just playing it safe with a broad swath of voters worried about access to health care and abortion, Democrats now see an opportunity to excite their base by fanning fears that the highest court in the land could turn into a bulwark to protect the man appointing its members.”

David Lindsay: Yes, good points. There are many good comments, but I particularly liked this one:
C Wolfe
Bloomington IN22m ago
The Democrats’ goal should be to drag this out until after November. I don’t know whether there’s a procedural path to that long a delay. There’s a real danger in torpedoing Kavanaugh and not winning the Senate: the next nominee will be punitively worse. Of the final four, Kavanaugh seemed like the one most likely on occasion to follow the law, to be a conservative but not necessarily a mindless Trumpist (along the lines of, gee, given an either/or choice, the Bushes are preferable to the Trumps). Choosing Kavanaugh was a good chess move, because it’s obvious that such an “establishment” candidate only got in because Trump was persuaded by K’s views on executive power, which won’t necessarily extend to the scope of Trump’s crimes. Unless something actually scandalous turns up, apart from ideology Kavanaugh seems like a sound-enough judicial nominee. And you are not going to get a non-ideological nominee out of the Great Orange Baby wearing presidential diapers.

If Dems delay till after the election and Congress stays the same, we get Kavanaugh and not a crazier person. If Dems delay and win both the House and the Senate, then they have some real power over nominees. The worst scenario is that Dems manage to torpedo Kavanaugh but don’t win sufficient power in November, and we end up with a grotesque Supreme like Amy Coney Barrett.

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