Opinion | For Hope in Trump’s America I Read Sojourner Truth – The New York Times


DL: Not a bad piece, but a weird beginning, since it leads the reader on in thinking it will be about Sojouner Truth, when it is more about civil rights in the last 150 years.
This piece gets an A for substance, and a C for honest opening and title.
Frustrated, I went to wikipedia, and learned a lot more about Soujourner Truth, including:
“Northampton Camp Meeting—-1844, Northampton, Massachusetts: At a camp meeting where she was participating as an itinerant preacher, a band of “wild young men” disrupted the camp meeting, refused to leave, and threatened to burn down the tents. Truth caught the sense of fear pervading the worshipers and hid behind a trunk in her tent, thinking that since she was the only black person present, the mob would attack her first. However, she reasoned with herself and resolved to do something: as the noise of the mob increased and a female preacher was “trembling on the preachers’ stand,” Truth went to a small hill and began to sing “in her most fervid manner, with all the strength of her most powerful voice, the hymn on the resurrection of Christ.” Her song, “It was Early in the Morning,” gathered the rioters to her and quieted them. They urged her to sing, preach, and pray for their entertainment. After singing songs and preaching for about an hour, Truth bargained with them to leave after one final song. The mob agreed and left the camp meeting.[26]”