Google Loosens Ties to Google Plus – The New York Times

“For many users, Google Plus accounts don’t get all that many visits. Now, Google seems to be indicating it, too, will be paying less attention to its social network.

On Monday, Google said it would move features once integrated into Google Plus out of the social network and into other Google services. Photo features have already been moved to the newly introduced Google Photos. Location-sharing will go to Google Hangouts, the company’s chat app.”

via Google Loosens Ties to Google Plus – The New York Times.


“Rather than make an app or website that is a one-stop shop, tech companies instead are introducing stables of services. Twitter has Vine, a video-sharing app, and Periscope, a live-streaming app, separate from the main Twitter platform. Facebook not only broke out photos and messaging into separate apps, but also decided to acquire Instagram and WhatsApp, direct competitors to those services, and maintain them both as yet another set of options for smartphone owners.”