Wednesday’s killings provide further evidence of the need for more restrictive gun policies in the United States.|By Nicholas Kristof

We the People need to dis-empower the NRA and restrict access to guns like the rest of the first world does.

Nicholas Kristof:
■ More Americans die in gun homicides and suicides every six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

■ More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history.

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Wednesday’s killings provide further evidence of the need for more restrictive gun policies in the United States.|By Nicholas Kristof

Some suicides by cop, are just murder by cop.

Some suicides by cop, are just murder by cop. If we changed the rules and law, so that Police Officers cannot shoot first, they can only shoot if shot at, what would happen to the death by gunshot statistics? I expect a lot of innocent black men would not be shot dead.

The North Charleston officer had said that the man took his stun gun, but a video shows the officer firing eight times as the man, who was apparently unarmed, fled.|By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT

Congress is now Republican, and won’t back AFT in banning cop-killing bullets.

Eric Ryan in NYT Comments wrote:
“The NRA no longer represents individuals that enjoy hunting, but instead manufacturers of arms and ammunition. If there is a Second Amendment right it exists for the benefit of people, not manufacturers or sellers of arms and ammunition. This is not difficult to figure out.”

When some armor-piercing ammunition was banned in the ’80s, the regulations were largely uncontroversial. My, how things have changed.|By Joe Nocera

The NRA insists we arm suspected terrorists here. Who is crazy?

The NRA is crazy, and so are we, to allow them to insist we arm suspected terrorists here in the US.
Mary Lewis Grow, “Protective measures include the tracking of travel patterns to and from certain countries, and tightened airport security, but our laws do nothing to stop domestic terrorist suspects from gaining access to the tools they need to inflict terrible damage. Those on the terror watch list are free to buy and own unlimited firearms in the United States.”

The law says watch-list suspects are free to buy guns and explosives.|By Mary Lewis Grow

“gun control controls gun violence” –Adam Gopnik

Adam Gopnik at the New Yorker: “No honest or scrupulous person can any longer reject the evidence that gun control controls gun violence. It can be rejected only by rage and hysteria and denial and with the Second Amendment invoked, not as a document with a specific and surprising history, but as a semi-theological dogma. The argument has been revealed conclusively to be between people who actually want to reduce the number of gun massacres and those who prefer an attachment to lethal symbols of power. (There are other symbols of personal autonomy, safer to small children.)”

On the problem of guns, no matter how far we may seem from a sane solution, the public deliberations are finished.|By Adam Gopnik

Everytown for Gun facebook page offers:

“Getting blown away by a neighbor just because he’s pissed off at you for some ridiculous reason has become the equivalent of a natural disaster in our country, with our gun culture. It’s got nothing to do with the killer’s ideology, or with the victim’s identity. That’s the thinking. And, with this “parking” alibi, we’re being asked to imagine that these killings are a private tragedy, not some big public deal—not terrorism, not even like terrorism. We’re being told to believe that the vigilante killing of three young Americans is socially and politically meaningless.”
—Philip Gourevitch in the New Yorker magazine

I liked his ending:  “Far more Americans are killed each year by the shooters in our midst like Craig Stephen Hicks than have ever been killed by all the jihadist terrorist outfits that have ever stalked this earth. That’s the price, or so the rhetoric goes, of our wild freedom.”

Let’s try to imagine that Craig Stephen Hicks, who murdered three of his neighbors, really did it to settle a difference of opinion about parking.|By Philip Gourevitch

722 deaths in 544 concealed-carry shootings in 36 states

“the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group, found that in research involving 722 deaths in 544 concealed-carry shootings in 36 states and the District of Columbia, only 16 cases were eventually ruled lawful self-defense — even though this has been a major gun rights selling point for the new laws.

More gravely, the study found that the fatalities included 17 law enforcement officers shot by people with legal permits along with 705 slain civilians. There were 28 mass shootings (involving three or more victims) in which 136 people were killed”

A new report reveals that at least 722 deaths since 2007 were attributed to individuals with legal permits to carry concealed weapons.|By THE EDITORIAL BOARD

The presence and fear of handguns is epidemic.

Thank you Charles Blow for a thoughtful article.
A Yale campus police officer pulls his gun and points it at a Yale student, because the student looks like a tall black male. There are two sad issues.

1. The officer behaved very badly.
2. The presence and fear of handguns is epidemic.
Our Police are afraid of us, because we allow so many guns in our society. The NRA and it’s friends should take some of the blame for this dangerous racial profiling. But the problem is bigger than racial profiling. One commentator identifies herself as plump, short, 50 year old white woman, who had officers draw their guns on her.

What if my son had panicked and the officer had fired? Had I come close to losing him?|By Charles M. Blow