I Was a Marine. I Don’t Want a Gun in My Classroom. – The New York Times

“Here is something I didn’t think about: I did not think about arming myself to protect my students. President Trump on Thursday specified that he wants only certain teachers — “highly adept people, people that understand weaponry” — to be armed. I will immodestly state that among professors in the United States, I am almost certainly one of the best shooters. But I would never bring a weapon into a classroom. The presence of a firearm is always an invitation to violence. Weapons have no place in a learning environment.

Last month, the State Legislature in West Virginia, where my university is located, introduced the Campus Self-Defense Act. This would prohibit colleges and universities from designating their campuses as gun-free zones. If this act becomes law, I will resign my professorship. I will not work in an environment where professors and students pack heat.When I was a young Marine, I had to learn how to use many weapons. It was part of my mission to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” My mission these days is to write books and teach literature and creative writing. It’s a noble calling, too. But no one should be asked to put his life on the line for it.”

Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay Casino Kills 58 – The New York Times

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Alive and Well Freedom City 5 hours ago

Reportedly the shooter was a 64 year old man with what amounts to a machine gun. The authorities hesitated, I understand, to call it terrorism.

Gentlemen and Ladies of the Authorities: This Is What Terrorism Looks Like.

We are suffering under domestic terrorism that the authorities seem to be willfully turning a blind eye to. Because: Guns.

The 2nd Amendment includes language that says that guns are to be used within a “well-regulated militia.” Why is that language ignored?

The time is now to stand up to domestic terrorism under the guise of 2nd Amendment protections. The time is now to invoke the “well-regulated militia” part of this law.

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Wade Nelson Durango, Colorado 5 hours ago

If a pile of dead 3rd graders (Sandy Hook) won’t bring about reasonable gun control in America 50 dead country music fans won’t either.

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NYT Pick
Kris New York, NY 5 hours ago

If the perpetrator had been Muslim, there would be no hesitation to condemn all Muslims as violent fanatics. When the shooter is the usual white American male, there is no mention of his faith or motivations. He is simply described as tragically mentally ill.

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NYT Pick
Christian St Barts, FWI 5 hours ago

If I hear one more politician say “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” I’m going to take a gun out and shoot my radio. Politicians’ job is to legislate, not to pray. Do your job: gun control! Gun control! Gun control! Start with assault rifles. A weapon intended to mow down scores of people has no reason to be sold to civilians, if it has any reason to be sold at all.

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