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“Among the many debatable issues around Covid-19 is one unassailable fact: The coronavirus is nonpartisan. It makes no judgment about one’s political leanings. The vaccines that were developed to fight this virus have no political bias, either.

And yet the reluctance and even refusal of many Americans — including many of my fellow conservatives and Republicans — to get a Covid-19 vaccine is a frustrating irony for those of us who worked to expedite these vaccines. While the vaccines have had doubts cast upon them by politicians throughout their production and rollout, whether a person lives in a red or a blue state has no bearing on the vaccines’ efficacy. They work incredibly well, and more than 160 million fully vaccinated Americans are proof.”

David Lindsay:  Here is the top comment, and it is to die for. And many will.

Richard Lee
Boston, MA4h ago
Times Pick

I’m a cardiologist who has taken care of many Covid patients and encouraged vaccination in all of my own patients. Most of my patients have been vaccinated–they know that if they have heart disease, getting vaccinated can save their lives. Among my remaining vax-resistant patients, there are a variety of explanations, and fear is the dominant one. I’ve tried all of the suggested strategies, and I agree with most doctors that some people just won’t get vaccinated not matter what you do. Here’s the bottom line. Given the data on the vaccines, not getting vaccinated is not only harmful to all of us, it’s self-destructive. What do we do with self-destructive behavior? We stop it so people don’t harm themselves. It’s time to mandate vaccines for anyone to take public transportation, shop in stores, eat in restaurants, teach in schools, visit doctor offices, or work indoors. Forget selfishness, since that argument isn’t effective. Mandating vaccination is saving the vax-resistant from themselves.

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