Kamala Harris on the Issues: Race, Policing, Health Care and Education – The New York Times

“In selecting Senator Kamala Harris of California to be his running mate, Joseph R. Biden Jr. opted for a partner who has occupied a similar space in the center-left of the ideological spectrum — someone with whom he can most likely agree on many matters of policy.

Amid a field of more than 20 candidates in the Democratic primary, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris were seen as relative moderates. During her own unsuccessful presidential campaign, Ms. Harris often resisted litmus tests posed within Democratic circles and at times struggled to clearly define her stance on fundamental issues like whether she would endorse a “Medicare for all” style of health insurance.

“I’m not trying to restructure society,” Ms. Harris said last summer in an interview with The New York Times. “I’m just trying to take care of the issues that wake people up in the middle of the night.”

In more recent months, since Mr. Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee, the country has been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic as well as widespread unrest over police brutality and racial inequities. Both Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have appeared to move further to the left — Mr. Biden seeking to bring together the Democratic Party and appeal to its progressive wing, and Ms. Harris emerging as a strong voice on racism and police misconduct.”

David Lindsay:

Above is some very good news about Kamala Harris, and how she has moved towards restraining bad cops in the last year.