Mexico’s Drought: Country Faces a Water Emergency – The New York Times

“Mexico, or large parts of it, is running out of water.

An extreme drought has seen taps run dry across the country, with nearly two-thirds of all municipalities facing a water shortage that is forcing people in some places to line up for hours for government water deliveries.

The lack of water has grown so extreme that irate residents block highways and kidnap municipal workers to demand more supply.

The numbers underlining the crisis are startling: In July, eight of Mexico’s 32 states were experiencing extreme to moderate drought, resulting in 1,546 of the country’s 2,463 municipalities confronting water shortages, according to the National Water Commission.”

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT Comment:
“Was blind, but now I see.” from Amazing Grace
“All around the world, the oceans are rising while the coral reefs are slowly dying.
Wake up, my friends, the scientists cry World temperature is rising, and it’s no lie!”
From Talking Climate Change Blues, by David Lindsay Jr
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Erik Frederiksen commented 20 minutes ago

Erik Frederiksen
Asheville, NC20m ago

Remember this is what is happening long before feeling the full impacts of a rise in temperature of just 1.2°C due to lags in the system. From a 2012 paper, see the graph below of western North America precipitation from 1900-2100 on p 555 of the paper, it makes the recent western drought look like a rainforest by comparison. We’re edging close to the precipice, in fact we may have already gone over and just don’t know it yet. It depends on our future emissions and the rate and amplitude of amplifying feedbacks like ice and permafrost melt.

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