Jimmy Fallon: Mike Pence Just Can’t Win With Trump Fans – The New York Times

Austin Lindsay
admitted he didn’t watch the news, accept for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Allowing that there was more to the world than sea shanties and ballads, I started sampling, and became a Jon Stewart fan, and he turned out to be something of a gateway drug. Kathleen and I now return to Steve Colbert, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel. They are usually more funny than the News Hour with Judy Woodruff. After a few looks, we tuned out Jimmy Fallon, for being to light and adolescent. I do scan the daily report on late night comedy in the NYT, and this morning, was intrigued that honorable mention went to non other than Jimmy Fallon. The video below shows that he has come a long way since he fondly ruffled Trump’s hair on his show and preened over their friendship.

“Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. We’re all stuck at home at the moment, so here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.

“The House on Tuesday formally called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove President Trump from office using the 25th Amendment, an idea Pence had already rejected.

Though Pence did not yield to pressure from Trump to overturn the election results last week, which he did not have the authority to do anyway, he said that invoking the 25th Amendment “would further divide and inflame the passions of the moment.” Those passions include some of Trump’s supporters, whose votes the vice president would probably need for his own White House run, chanting, “Hang Mike Pence” as they stormed the Capitol in an effort to stop the election certification.

“It’s a tough choice for Pence: Invoke the 25th and have MAGA nation hate you, or refuse and still have MAGA nation hate you,” Jimmy Fallon joked.

“Of course Mike Pence isn’t going to do that. He’s not going to remove Donald Trump. Mike Pence doesn’t even remove his shirt.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“You could tell Pence was nervous, because he spent all day slamming milks like it was Friday at 5 p.m.” — JIMMY FALLON

“And you’d think Pence would be into the idea, considering the whole ‘Hang him’ thing. But you would be dead wrong, because yesterday, after days of silence, ‘The president and Mike Pence spoke for the first time, meeting in the Oval Office, and agreed that those who broke the law and stormed the Capitol last week do not represent their policy of America first.’ Well, of course this mob violence wasn’t America first — it was in Germany first. So, apparently, it’s all water under the gallows now.” — STEPHEN COLBERT”