Biden Seeks Help on Border From Mexican President – The New York Times

“. . .The Biden administration has also formed a task force to unite parents separated from their children under Mr. Trump’s family separations policy. Mr. Mayorkas said on Monday that Michelle Brané, the former director of migrant rights and justice at the Women’s Refugee Commission, would lead the effort to unite the families, who could be provided the option to remain in the United States permanently. Mr. Mayorkas stopped short of promising the parents citizenship.

Republicans have already signaled that they intend to seize on Mr. Biden’s reversals of his predecessor’s immigration policies as a cornerstone in their efforts to take back Congress in 2022 and recapture the White House two years later.

In an echo of his successful 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump has already offered a road map for Republican candidates in 2022 by once again exaggerating the situation at the border and falsely stating that Mr. Biden’s approach is “to cancel border security.” . . .

David Lindsay: Excellent NYT article and comments.  If Biden doesn’t show he is against illegal immigration, like over half the country, he will lose the Senate, and possibly the White House and the House of Representatives. To stop illegal immigration by birth, we will have to modify the 14th Amendment, which says that if you are born here, you are a citizen, and was to protect black slaves in America from disenfranchisement after the Civil War.

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This is the one place I fear Trump could win again in 4 years if not handled decisively. We need to be firm yet compassionate in our approach. So much of it is a PR war; we can’t make it look like it’s open season for illegal immigration. Please Joe, don’t mess this up.

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New York3h ago

As the Times reported yesterday, the mayor of Del Rio is begging the federal government to stop releasing migrants into his city without federal aid. He said the city is being forced to choose between helping the migrants and its own citizens. During the last surge, communities on Long Island with large immigrant populations saw hundreds of mostly teenage boys–many with little previous education and no English–suddenly added to their school systems. They struggled with a legal mandate to provide education. This struggle will be even greater during the pandemic. We can’t simply release thousands of migrants to struggling communities, however good the impulse.

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New Jersey2h ago
Times Pick

I loathe Trump, but he was right in stopping illegal immigration.

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