Opinion | Sounding Code Red: Electing the Trump Resistance – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

With the primary season winding down and the midterms soon upon us, it’s time to point out that this election is not about what you may think it’s about. It is not a choice between the particular basket of policies offered by the candidates for House or Senate in your district or state — policies like gun control, right to choose, free trade or fiscal discipline. No, what this election is about is your first chance since 2016 to vote against Donald Trump.

As far as I am concerned, that’s the only choice on the ballot. It’s a choice between letting Trump retain control of all the key levers of political power for two more years, or not.

via Opinion | Sounding Code Red: Electing the Trump Resistance – The New York Times

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | Pending Approval
Yes, thank you Thomas Friedman. I have one amendment. We do not need multiple Democratic and Independent candidates in California primaries, which have this new, dangerous rule, that the top two vote getters win, even if both are Republicans. The Democrats and Independents in California have to work together, to avoid 5, 10 or 15 candidates ensuring that the only two candidates in November are Republican. I don’t know the solution, but something like a pre-primary would work. David Lindsay Jr. is the author of “The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth-century Vietnam,” and blogs at TheTaySonRebellion.com and InconvenientNewsWorldwide.wordpress.com