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A “fuck your feelings” sign at a pro-Trump campaign rally in 2019

Owning the libs” is a political strategy used by some conservatives in the United States that focuses on upsetting political liberals. Users of the strategy emphasize and expand upon culture war issues intended to be divisive to evoke an overreaction in others or demonstrate the absurdity of a position.[1]


Variant phrases such as “triggering the libs[2] and “melting snowflakes[1] are also used to refer to the strategy. It is associated with confrontational political slogans.[3][4]

The phrase “own the libs” comes from a slang usage of the word own, meaning “to dominate”, “to defeat” or “to humiliate”.[citation needed] The phrase was coined and popularized by critics of the strategy, including politician Nikki Haley, who increased the prominence of the phrase in a 2018 speech in which she criticized the strategy as unpersuasive.[5] It is also used by some who practice the strategy, such as Dan Bongino.[6] The phrase dates back to at least 2015.[2]

The “trigger” variants of the phrase come from the idea of trauma triggers and “trigger warnings” intended to avoid them.[7] In his 2019 book Triggered, Donald Trump Jr. says that the purpose of triggering liberals is to oppose political correctness.[8]

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