Sending the Wrong Signal to Turkey – The New York Times

“The choice Angela Merkel had when Turkey’s imperious president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, demanded that Germany prosecute a comedian was a variation on the dilemma posed by a kidnapper: Paying the ransom solves the immediate problem but sets a dangerous precedent.Chancellor Merkel had to decide between appeasing Mr. Erdogan’s outrageous demand or potentially losing a deal with Turkey that promised some relief from the refugee crisis. Under the agreement between the European Union and Turkey, Ankara has agreed to accept refugees turned back from Greece in exchange for more aid and reopening talks on Turkey’s accession to the E.U.Ms. Merkel allowed the case to proceed. Now the question is what Mr. Erdogan — or some other miffed potentate — will demand next.”

Source: Sending the Wrong Signal to Turkey – The New York Times