The Case for Mitt Romney – by Frank bruni – The New York Times

“…….If Trump taps Romney, he’ll be sending a powerful message to an anxious world that he’s not hostage to the darkest parts of his character. He needs to project that as much as we need to see it.Granted, Romney’s résumé isn’t the most logical for the job. He has spent most of his life as a businessman, and his lone public office was governor of Massachusetts.

But not all our secretaries of state were steeped in foreign affairs from an early point, like Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice. Many had backgrounds principally devoted to other concerns. That was true of James Baker, who held the post under the first President Bush, and of Hillary Clinton, though she traveled the world as first lady and served on the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

Source: The Case for Mitt Romney – The New York Times

David Lindsay Hamden, CT Pending Approval

Frank Bruni, Great column. Points taken.
As to the comments after the op-ed, I’ve never read a weaker bunch. What Frank understands, and most of the commenters I read do not, is that Trump learns a lot from the people he talks to. It is critical for the nation, that he include some clear headed centrists in his cabinet.

If Trump were interested in getting re-elected in four years, he would ask Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or John McCain or John Kasich to join the cabinet. That would be surprising, but it was the play of Abraham Lincoln.