Opinion | The Warren Way Is the Wrong Way – By Steven Rattner – The New York Times


Mr. Rattner served as counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration.

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“Senator Elizabeth Warren has unveiled her vision for how to pay for “Medicare for all” — a daunting mountain of new taxes and fees.

Thanks for providing us, Ms. Warren, with yet more evidence that a Warren presidency is a terrifying prospect, one brought closer by your surge in the polls.

Left to her own devices, she would extend the reach and weight of the federal government far further into the economy than anything even President Franklin Roosevelt imagined, effectively abandoning the limited-government model that has mostly served us well.

Ms. Warren may call herself a capitalist, but her panoply of minutely detailed plans suggests otherwise. She would turn America’s uniquely successful public-private relationship into a dirigiste, European-style system. If you want to live in France (economically), Elizabeth Warren should be your candidate.”

David Lindsay: I love Steve Rattner’s writing, but this is the weakest thing I’ve ever read by him. I don’t oppose Elizabeth Warren because she is wrong, she isn’t. I oppose her because I don’t think she would beat Trump in the electoral college, which is the only game in town for me.

Here are the two most liked comments in the NYT.  Rattner’s piece isn’t rubbish, but it is off, and both comments have merits:

Times Pick

This piece is rubbish and I say this as somebody with a PhD and an advanced understanding of economics. Our current economic system has built into its very design the perpetuation and worsening of inequality (read Piketty, Stiglitz, Saez, please) and the complete destruction of the climate system. Marginal efforts to address either will achieve just that—marginal effects. Warren’s plans can and will be tweaked but she’s got the basic right—fix equity and climate change through the redesign of capitalism, or face waaaaaay higher costs in the very near future, not to mention an unlivable planet.

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Sherry commented November 4

Times Pick

What’s more disruptive, foreclosing on millions of Americans during the housing crash, or protecting them from Wall Street predators? What’s more disruptive, suing patients for unaffordable medical bills, and charging privately-insured patients ten times the cost of care, or covering all Americans with Medicare? Is it really “free enterprise” when the hospital contract is, essentially, “your money or your life”? What’s more radical, leaving corporations with more than $1 billion in charge of our government, or asking them to act responsibly? I am so sick and tired of hearing moderate Democrats charge Warren with being a radical who wants disruptive change when we are enduring radical and disruptive change and she it just trying to fix it.

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DL: Rattner’s piece isn’t rubbish, but it is off.