Trump Was Repeatedly Warned, That, Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Was ‘Completely Debunked’ – The New York Times

“WASHINGTON — President Trump was repeatedly warned by his own staff that the Ukraine conspiracy theory that he and his lawyer were pursuing was “completely debunked” long before the president pressed Ukraine this summer to investigate his Democratic rivals, a former top adviser said on Sunday.

Thomas P. Bossert, who served as Mr. Trump’s first homeland security adviser, said he told the president there was no basis to the theory that Ukraine, not Russia, intervened in the 2016 election and did so on behalf of the Democrats. Speaking out for the first time, Mr. Bossert said he was “deeply disturbed” that Mr. Trump nonetheless tried to get Ukraine’s president to produce damaging information about Democrats.

Mr. Bossert’s comments, on the ABC program “This Week” and in a subsequent telephone interview, underscored the danger to the president as the House moves ahead with an inquiry into whether he abused his power for political gain. Other former aides to Mr. Trump said on Sunday that he refused to accept reassurances about Ukraine no matter how many times it was explained to him, instead subscribing to an unsubstantiated narrative that has now brought him to the brink of impeachment.”

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT Comments
Great article By Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker, thank you. I do not agree with one part of many of the most recommended comments. I do not think Donald Trump has the mind of a kindergartener, or is stupid, or believes in magic thinking, or in the nonesense, lies and fake news that he promotes and trades in. Donald Trump is evil, dangerous, cynical and as a professional con artist, he is excellent at what he does. It bothers me that his critics keep underestimating him. There are a few new news stories on NPR and the NYT about how Trump does his most stupid and racist tweets, just when the news is getting geared up against him. He changes the channel on the media, like a parent changing the channel of their children’s television. To get the better of such a danerous manipulator, the media will have to keep their focus on the big stories, and not run crazy with every despicable tweet.
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