Trump’s Can’t-Do Record – by Gail Collins – NYT

“Well, heck, who said Donald Trump isn’t going to accomplish anything in his first 100 days? All of a sudden there’s a one-page tax plan and a raft of deal-making, while the Senate was bused over to the White House grounds for a briefing on North Korea.

Maybe the president believes that when you can make an entire chamber of Congress ride around like so many tour groups, the world will understand that you’re a can-do kind of guy.”

David Lindsay Hamden, CT Pending Approval at NYT

This is a very funny piece, thank you. I can’t get over how the commentators do not reference your piece at all. They are so busy continuing their own personal public blog, that they do not even reference that they are enjoying your readership, and your fount of wit.

One of the better belly laughs: “Everybody knows that Trump wants a can-do record when he hits Day 100 on Saturday. To get there, he appeared to be adopting the garb of Somewhat Normal Republican (SNORE).”