Trump’s Energy- Low and Dirty – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“Donald Trump has two false beliefs about energy, one personal, one political. And the latter may send the world on a path to disaster.On the personal side, Trump reportedly disdains exercise of any kind except golf. He believes that raising a sweat depletes the finite reserves of precious bodily fluids, I mean energy, that a person is born with, and should therefore be avoided.

Many years of acting on this belief may or may not explain the weird and embarrassing scene at the G-7 summit in Taormina, in which six of the advanced world’s leaders strolled together a few hundred yards through the historic city, but Trump followed behind, driven in an electric golf cart.More consequential, however, is Trump’s false belief that lifting environmental restrictions — ending the supposed “war on coal” — will bring back the days when the coal-mining industry employed hundreds of thousands of blue-collar Americans.”

Great op ed. Here are two comments I endorse:

Larry Eisenberg is a trusted commenter Medford, Ma. 7 hours ago

A minority brought in the Clown
A dodo who’ll bring us all down
And equally dense
In the wings there waits Pence
A Governor of ill renown.

T’wixt Scylla/Charybdis we stand
With no Repub raising a hand,
Is this how t’will end
As down we descend
On a course that the dimwits demand?

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NYT Pick
Anne-Marie Hislop is a trusted commenter Chicago 3 hours ago

During the campaign, Hillary Clinton made a beautiful statement about coal miners, the need to train them for the world of the future. In that statement she also talked eloquently and with gratitude about the contributions and sacrifices they and their ancestors had made for the rest of us so that we could have light and heat.

Sadly, the GOP cut her remarks down to the preface in which she said that we would be putting a lot of coal miners out of jobs. They then endless played ads suggesting that she was diabolically anticipating with joy putting folks like them out of work. The ad was damaging. Hillary actually cared and was on the right track speaking with appreciation of the need to be committed to those folks and of the need for retraining and support in the new economic reality. Instead they voted for a charlatan who promises a return to the past, but quietly takes away even the supports they currently depend upon.

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