As U.S. Deaths Approach 300,000, Obituaries Force Reckoning with Covid – By Julie Bosman – The New York Times

“CHICAGO — When Kim Miller sat down in her Illinois house to compose her husband’s obituary, she could not hold back.

Not about the coronavirus that had left Scott, her fit, healthy spouse who loved to swim, golf and putter in the garden, gasping for breath and unable to move his limbs as he stood at the kitchen counter. Not about what had killed him swiftly and cruelly in only a few days.

“This disease is real, it is serious and it is deadly,” she wrote in his obituary. “Wear the mask, socially distance, if not for yourself then for others who may lose a loved one to the disease.”

“I couldn’t just write that he lived and died and had two children,” said Ms. Miller, a retired college professor, who wept as she spoke of her husband of 25 years. “I wanted people to read this and really read this.” “