Crowded and Deadly, U.S. Jails Are in Crisis – The New York Times

“Matthew Shelton was contending with diabetes and periodic substance abuse when he moved in with his sister outside Houston in order to get his life together.

Three months later, facing an old criminal charge of driving while intoxicated, he turned himself in to the Harris County Jail one day in March with a supply of the insulin he relied on to stay alive.

After two days, he told his family that no one was allowing him access to the insulin: He was trying to manage his illness by discarding the bread from the sandwiches he was served. He was alone, frightened and cold, he said.”  Soon after, he died.

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT comment:
This was an excellent article, thank you Shaila Dewan. I would like coverage of what works, and where it is happening, even if you have to go to Europe for positive examples. I would like to see the Biden Admistration try to get the new Republican house to write and pass a bill, where the Federal government comes up with strict standards, and then limits Federal aid to States that follow the standards and show constant improvement in caring for the incarcerated. A second bill, would reinstate the Federal support for mental institutions throughout the country, that Ronald Reagan dismantled. Even if the GOP refuses to fund such reforms, it makes sense to this writer, to try, and bring this scandal and its solutions to the attention of the public.
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