When Politicians Pick Their Voters – The New York Times

“The bottom line is that politicians can’t be trusted to draw maps that fairly represent their constituents, and they won’t willingly give up the power once they have it. So it’s up to the courts to step in and set clear rules.”

Solid logic, solid editorial.

Here is a comment I support:

William O. Beeman

Minneapolis, Minnesota 22 minutes ago

The point of congressional districting should be to provide representation for unified communities of common interests. Several Congressional districts in North Carolina and Pennsylvania couldn’t possibly do this. They are utterly bizarre. Several snake across the state putting voters in disparate areas together in a manner that does not represent their unified interests. The sole purpose of these districts is to increase Republican representation in Congress. This turns the whole idea of representative democracy on its head. Of course, minority populations are the most disadvantaged victims of this action.

But then again, Republicans have been upending democracy for the past seven years in a blatant and unapologetic manner. Once in power, of course, they protect their ill-gotten prerogative fiercely. The courts are the only way to curb this tendency.